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Aug 17 Urban Innovator of the Week

Isis Ferguson

Isis Ferguson is the Associate Director of City + Community Strategy for Place Lab, a catalyst for mindful urban transformation and creative redevelopment overseen by renowned social practice artist Theaster Gates. 
Aug 08 Urban Innovator of the Week

Pashon Murray

Pashon Murray is the co-founder of Detroit Dirt and a lifelong champion of waste reduction, sustainable practices, and circular economies. She has become a spokesperson for these movements, and even more so, a representative of the real working American public. 
Jul 25 Urban Innovator of the Week

Eric Avner

Eric Avner is Vice President and Senior Manager of community development programs for the Cincinnati-based Haile Foundation, and is CEO of People's Liberty, a "philanthropic lab" that invests directly in individuals through funding and mentorship.
Jul 18 Urban Innovator of the Week

Carlo "Khali" Sweeney

Carlo "Khali" Sweeney is the founder of Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program, a boxing gym on Detroit's east side that develops good citizenship in urban youth through a wide variety of educational and fitness programs and voluntary service. 

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