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Oct 14 Urban Innovator of the Week

Gene Powell

Gene Powell is the co-founder of StartUp Toledo, which brings the area's innovators and creators together for networking and idea-sharing once a month, as well as Seed Coworking, Toledo's first co-working space.
Oct 07 Urban Innovator of the Week
New Jersey

Alfa Demmellash

Alfa Demmellash is the CEO and co-founder of Rising Tide Capital, a nonprofit organization that builds communities of self-sustaining entrepreneurs by focusing on knowledge and social capital. 
Sep 30 Urban Innovator of the Week
Bay Area

Jorge Blandón

Jorge Blandón is Vice President of the Oakland-based Family Independence Initiative, a national nonprofit that leverages technology and data for low-income families to lead their own change. 
Sep 20 Urban Innovator of the Week
Bay Area

Angela Glover Blackwell

Angela Glover Blackwell is the President and CEO of PolicyLink, a national research and action institute that advances economic and social equity through policy work and by connecting people already doing such work on the ground.

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