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Sep 13 Urban Innovator of the Week
New York

James Johnson-Piett

James Johnson-Piett is the principal and CEO of New York-based Urbane Development, a community development venture that utilizes a community's greatest resource to build dynamic neighborhoods in underserved areas: the community itself.
Sep 08 Urban Innovator of the Week

Steve Barlow

Steve Barlow is a partner in Brewer & Barlow PLC, a civil justice law firm based in Memphis, and co-founder of Neighborhood Preservation, Inc., a nonprofit established to resolve vacant property and abandonment challenges in the city.
Aug 31 Urban Innovator of the Week

Gabriel Mandujano

Gabriel Mandujano is the founder and CEO of Philadelphia-based Wash Cycle Laundry, a triple-bottom-line social enterprise that provides much-needed corporate laundry services while also providing green economy jobs to folks returning to the workforce.
Aug 26 Urban Innovator of the Week
New Orleans

Adele London

Adele London is the Director of Business Development of the Good Work Network in New Orleans, a small business resource center that works to provide economic opportunities for minority- and women-owned businesses. 

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