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Jessie Feller Hahn

American Urban Innovators Are Filling Crucial Gaps

Together, Meeting of the Minds and Urban Innovation Exchange launched the Urban Innovator Series just 25 weeks ago with the support of the Kresge Foundation. Each week, we feature an “urban innovator” handpicked from around the United States. These are people changing cities, and we're excited to host two of our past innovators in a free webinar on June 8th.

Gregory Peckham

Gregory Peckham

Gregory Peckham is the Managing Director of LAND Studio in Cleveland, a nonprofit with the mission is of creating places and connecting people through public art, sustainable building and design, collaborative planning, and dynamic programming.

Terry Schwarz

Terry Schwarz

Terry Schwarz is the Director of the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, a combined urban design graduate program and urban design practice nonprofit that uses planning and design to address social issues in neighborhoods throughout Northeast Ohio. 

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Who is shaping the future of cities?

When we talk about cities, it's easy to focus on the macro – systems and networks, infrastructure and industry. But if you zoom in closer you'll find a very different story – one of passionate people working every day to shape a better tomorrow. This is why we're excited to share People Changing Cities, a new series to spread stories of remarkable individuals leading urban change.

Randy McShepard

Randy McShepard

Randy McShepard is the VP of Public Affairs for RPM International Inc. He's also the co-founder of Policy Bridge, a nonprofit public policy think tank, and Rid-All Green Partnership, an urban farm that focuses on community building and youth education.
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